Why You Must Always Furnace Clean Your Air ducts

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Why You Must Always Furnace Clean Your Air ducts

Why You Must Always Furnace Clean Your Air Ducts

Your air ducts are one of the most important features in the home. They let the air of your heating and cooling system circulate in every room and provide constant comfort in every season.

In fact, all the air in your house flows through your air ducts several times a day. The air that flows through your ducts is the very same one that fills your environment, and it"s this same air you and your family breathe. Therefore, this air should be as very clean as possible. To this end, you must get your Edmonton Furnace Cleaning appointment booked today.

The cleaning of the air ducts is simply the removal of dust and impurities in the duct system. This includes the supply and the return air ducts including the diffusers and registers in all the rooms. Most of the power vacuums used by furnace cleaners, remove dust and dirt from re-entering and circulating into the house.

Carrying out a Furnace cleaning in Edmonton has many advantages. Four of them are listed below:

Creates a cleaner living environment

There are many benefits of cleaning your air ducts, one of them which is very obvious is that cleaning your air ducts improves the home, in the area of health and hygiene. People with allergies will find that regular cleaning helps to improve their watery eyes, sneezing, etc. cleaning of air ducts helps eliminate allergens, dust, and other tiny but harmful particles. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has stated that cleaning the air ducts is very important if there is any noticeable accumulation of debris, dust and other unwanted particles in the ducts or if some particles are being released into the home from the duct supply registers. If your air ducts are infested with insects, rodents, etc., inviting an Edmonton duct cleaning team will make the air in your home much safer.

Reduces allergens and irritants

Besides dust, your air ducts often contain harmful pollutants and microorganisms. These include pollen, mold spores, pet dander, bacteria, mildew, and similar toxins. People who have asthma, certain allergies, and other respiratory or breathing problems are always very sensitive and reactive to these airborne particles. Regular cleaning of the air ducts promotes a healthier life; otherwise, the dirty and polluted air in your house will circulate over several times.


Removes unpleasant odor and smells

Pets, all the household cleaning agents, mold, paint fumes, smoking or use of tobacco and food preparation adds to the musty smell in your air ducts. Each time the air conditioner or the furnace is running, these odors are pushed round the house. Even the accumulation of dirt and dust in the duct over a period of years can trigger a stale smell from your air ducts. Thorough cleaning of your air ducts from a good duct cleaning Edmonton team will eliminate any particle producing an unpleasant smell, resulting in a fresher and pleasing home.

Improves airflow and efficiency of your duct system

Registers and Ductwork, which have a high accumulation of dust and dirt, can restrict airflow from the air conditioner. What this means is that your system will work harder in other to heat or to cool your home as usual, and this results in a lower efficiency level. Conversely, a clean air duct system operates at maximum efficiency and offers a cost-effective performance, saving you money, time and stress. A duct cleaning Edmonton service is very important for this to happen.

Understanding what duct cleaning is

Cleaning the air duct can help cool and freshen up the house, but it has been confusing to some if it can reduce allergy symptoms. In this article, you’d find out what most of the experts have to say.
Being at home during the allergy season will not necessarily limit you or restrict your allergens exposure. Allergies to certain substances like mold, pet hair, dust, etc. can be a nuisance to your home throughout the year. In fact, more than half of all households contain at the very least, about six noticeable allergens, this is according a report by American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology.If you or someone close to you or in your house are among the numbers of people who have indoor allergies, it is possible you have heard of cleaning your air duct in a bid to reduce exposure to the indoor allergens.

What is an air duct cleaning and how effective is it?

Duct cleaning removes dirt from the air duct surfaces in your home to reduce or eliminate the number of particles which produce or promotes allergy. But there has been misunderstandings as to if duct cleaning will reduce allergy symptoms.
According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the United States, so far, there isn’t enough evidence for the effects of duct cleaning to be recommended, so every person should weigh the possible benefits and harms before making his/her decision if he needs duct cleaning or not.
Think about it, is it proper to keep the junk and dirt you have in your air ducts?

When should you consider duct cleaning?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) suggests considering duct cleaning if you observe any of the following

  • Your duct surfaces or some other components of your cooling and heating system have had a significant amount of visible mold. (A duct cleaning team in Fort McMurray can show you this, should it be present.)
  • You have insects, rodents, or any other pests attacking and infesting your ducts.
  • Your ducts are packed with dirt and dust.
  • Dust or dirt is released into the house by the system"s supply registers.

Although the EPA have not shown any indication that the cleanliness of your ducts can help prevent your health problems. And they haven’t been any studies by the EPA to show that dust levels in your homes are increased by dirty air ducts they have however advised that cleaning the air ducts is very good, not harmful and promotes hygiene.

If you or a family member has allergy symptoms and you think they may have something to do with dirty air ducts, talk to your doctor, the company that runs your heating and cooling system can also advise you on cleaning the ducts of your heating or air conditioning system. Duct cleaning team in Edmonton may be of help.
It is important to live in a hygienic environment and one free from pest or rodent attacks. Duct cleaning Edmonton services might help you have a clean duct which promotes good hygiene and a conducive environment for you.

Recommendations of  NADCA on HVAC and Duct cleaning

To minimize the risk(s) of cleaning of your HVAC or duct cleaning Edmonton service team, you must start by hiring and contracting a qualified contractor. The air ducts cleaning that’s provided by a person who the National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA) trained and certified as the best possibility of being carried out or done both safely and properly.
According to NADCA, the main trade organization for contractors who clean the air ducts or HVAC system. Its members must have on staff at least a certified Air Cleaning Specialist (ASCS) and are responsible for the cleaning and restoration of an air conditioning system or an air duct system for the standard customer and association guidelines.
Of course, NADCA certification does not guarantee a smooth experience, but at least assures proper training.

Duct cleaning and cleaning the HVAC system

There are a few confusion over duct cleaning services, and one of them is the disagreement as to if it is right that duct cleaning must be included as a part of the general cleaning of the HVAC system. The truth is, it must always be cleaned. Because mostly, the cleaning of the duct is only done when it has been entirely contaminated, it must be cleaned when the entire HVAC is being cleaned too. Also when the ducts are being cleaned, the HVAC system must be cleaned too, this is because it is important to clean whatever comes in contact with the air moving through the air ducts

The following is the philosophy and recommendation of NADCA.

NADCA recommends that the ducts must be cleaned as part of a general HVAC system cleaning and replacement of the air filters, diffusers and cleaning grilles, check the drain pans and the drain lines for proper drainage, also check the heat and cooling coils, grills, blower motor, furnace air plenum, etc. They also provide a useful checklist for the private/residential consumers, detailing their recommended processes.

Items recommended being cleaned

NADCA has stated it that during HVAC and Duct cleaning services, the following items must be covered by your HVAC or Duct cleaning Calgary service team:

  • The HVAC Ducts
  • The branched distribution and main supply duct must be cleaned.
  • Clean the return air ducts.
  • Seal all the panels of installation in the ductwork (as required for the tool access) by NADCA standards.
  • Diffusers and Grills
  • Remove and clean the supply registers and the return air grilles.
  • Furnace plenum
  • Clean the furnace supply chamber and also the return air plenum.
  • Furnace component
  • The heat exchanger of the furnace must be cleaned.
  • First remove then clean and also reinstall the fan motor;
  • You must also check all the humidifier media and the drip pan.
  • The evaporator coil must be cleaned and drained.
  • Make sure the cooling coil is visibly clean, and the drain pan is completely clean and properly drained.
  • The furnace air filters
  • The air filter must be replaced or washed with a permanent air filter.

It is easy to make mistakes, during duct cleaning in Edmonton. And that"s the risk. But giving the wrong cleaners the job can cause you more harm so hire only the best to do the job.
Being properly performed by qualified technicians not just saves you time and money, but allows you to stay healthy.


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